Connecting the Next Billion

Only 60% of the world’s population has internet access today, we aim to increase this number by providing everyone with smartphone access to the internet.

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Why Last Mile Connectivity?

Recent World Bank studies show that an additional 10% Internet penetration can lift GDP by 1-4% in developing countries.

Inclusive Growth.

Internet connectivity has a strong multiplier effect on economies as it drives increased exposure to information, innovation, and knowledge, at reduced costs.


It enables access to education, health and other social services, as well as employment and job creation opportunities. Internet connectivity also enables small businesses to access international markets and allows new industries to spring up.


Africa is at a crossroads with a range of development needs. Providing the strongest foundation for advanced, inclusive growth, last mile connectivity will enable the continent to leapfrog traditional solutions and unlock the potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

How The App Works?

Download App

The user can download the app, from AppStore, Google Store or received it from already mesh user.

Sign Up

The first time the user downloads the app, the user will have to sign up or log in. User will be automatic login in the next time the app is open.


The user can choose to share their internet or connected to an existing node in the network.


The user can now browse the internet or use their favourites apps on their devices.

Loaded With Features.

Wefimesh uses the built-in WiFi and BlueTooth technology in your phone to make multiple direct, connections with other phones, this makes up a node in the system.


The app is self-propagating, which means it can be wirelessly distributed to new devices without having an internet connection.

Voice & Video

Wefimesh provides free calls and text messages between phones connected on the same mesh network


Wefimesh provides internet connectivity without artificial throttling of data and speeds up to the physical limit of the current mesh network.

Play Games

Significantly increase access to affordable and reliable internet access in underserved areas in world

Increase access

Significantly increase access to affordable and reliable internet access in underserved areas in world


Tokens are used to purchase additional services such as Quality of Service on the Wefimesh Network